The Feast Of The Assumption

For the past 115 years, the Parish of Holy Rosary has hosted the celebration of Feast of the Assumption in Cleveland’s “Little Italy” neighborhood, located on Mayfield Road near University Circle. The Assumption, a Catholic Holy Day on August 15, commemorates Mary being taken into Heaven. A solemn Mass is celebrated in the Church at 10:00 a.m., after which the statue of the Blessed Virgin is taken in procession throughout the neighborhood. During the four days of festivities, booths are set up in the Churchyard featuring Italian foods, live music and rides for young children. Independent vendors also have booths on the street. The Rosary is prayed daily at 6:00 p.m. at the shrine to Our Lady of the Assumption, located on the east side of the church. For your convenience, a Religious articles booth is located near the shrine. On the final evening of the Feast a candlelight procession is held to honor Mary. A short prayer service and fireworks conclude our tribute to God for all the good He has done through the intercession of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The Feast is a celebration of the Gospel of Life, Faith and Family.



The feast of the Assumption is understood by the parish of Holy Rosary in a multifaceted way:

Primarily Religious

We speak of Mary’s Assumption not her Ascension. Christ ascended via His own power. Mary was taken up to heaven by the power of God. The Assumption of Mary is something God did for her. It is the result of Christ’s redemptive power applied to His Blessed Mother.

The dogma of the Assumption means that the Virgin Mary now experiences in heaven the union of a glorified body and soul, which her Son enjoys. She is no disembodied spirit, but a complete human person, body and soul, matter and spirit, reigning with Christ.

Mary’s feast reminds us that we are created for the glory of God and to be with God for all eternity. What we do during this celebration must respect the dignity of every human person and our celebration must mirror this reality. To state it plainly, the “Feast” is not simply a time to make money or have fun at the expense of human dignity.

Family and Ethnic pride

This 115 year old tradition in “Little Italy” was and still should be a time for families to gather and share hospitality, and teach our young about this important virtue. It is a wonderful time to celebrate our ethnic heritage and tell the stories of our family, i.e., sharing roots and pride.

Taking pride in our own backyard calls us to respect the ethnic diversity of our nation and city. It should be a time also of teaching respect and appreciation for other cultures, races and religious beliefs.

Parish outreach

Amidst the large crowds of people, the voice of the parish desires to say to all “Jesus is Lord.” “Come and See.” Look again if you have fallen away!

The Feast is a most opportune time to learn and create a spirit of respect and common concerns for all the businesses and institutions of the neighborhood. It is our desire to co-operate and encourage neighborhood spirit, not only in August, but also throughout the year.

Finally, the Feast is our sole fundraiser outside of the Sunday collection. Its earnings are applied first to the education of parish children in Catholic schools and secondly, the ongoing maintenance of the Church buildings and grounds.

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